I have had the distinct pleasure of working with, and for, many wonderful people and businesses over the years; all of whom have provided me with great insight and advice. One common theme from these conversations has centred on the value of networking. Networking is a valuable relationship building tool – all business transactions are built on trust, which is often gained from having credible relationships in place with customers and vendors alike.

Building business relationships that are fruitful and endearing takes time and effort. We are all so busy building our businesses and doing the front-line work that is our bread & butter that we sometimes lack the energy and time to get together with like-minded individuals.

So, where do you find the time, and why should you invest your valuable time in networking? I hope I can convince you with my 5 Great Reasons to Network:

    We take our business and our work very seriously. It defines us. Simply put, we want to work with people who share similar values.
    Why re-invent the wheel? Networking is a way to share experiences with like-minded business people, who can provide solid advice based on their experiences.
    Face it – we are a capitalistic society, driven by the exchange of goods & services. Capitalism is based on voluntary exchanges between buyers and sellers. Such exchanges are mutually advantageous – because they are voluntary, making both parties better off and creating wealth.
    Who better to call upon when you need business advice or strategic guidance than the people with whom you’ve built strong business alliances? Whether you need introductions to new groups, or help in designing an e-marketing strategy, the bonds formed during networking can be a strength when assistance is needed.
    You’ve heard the expression “You are what you eat?” Well, the same rings true for business. You become, in part, who you associate with. Networking provides the opportunity to surround yourself with people who have positive attitudes and reputable work ethics.

In conclusion, networking can create a dynamic network of cooperative relationships not just among business owners, but throughout the whole community. And, while economic transactions may start business relationships, networking makes friends out of strangers, through which even richer connections can blossom.



Rootstalk is a relaxed weekly meetup group dedicated to connecting business people on the Eastern Shore. It's a great way to meet like-minded business owners, share ideas and gain valuable insight.  

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