You heard it right. Once again Facebook has launched a change in how your News Feed will be viewed. And yes, this will affect business owners who use the platform to gain leads, make sales, and engage with an audience.

The intention is for Facebook users to have a News Feed full of posts by friends and family first, and to move away from unpaid organic content from company Pages – even if you “Liked” or “Followed” their business page. In an effort to bring Facebook back to its original product goals of connecting people with one another across the globe, they are hoping that by stepping away from showing business content within the News Feed users will have more meaningful engagement as they once did.

Much of this is speculated to have come about after a research last month noted that social media consumption does not elicit feelings of joy and enjoyment. This, of course, pushes people away from spending time on the platform, a big no-no for the company. All of this is on the heels of last months announcement to penalize “clickbait style” content, adding another challenge to Page managers content strategists (like Cape Antrim!)

What does this mean? The Facebook head of News Feed, Adam Mosseri, stated, “As we make these updates, Pages may see their reach, video watch time, and referral traffic decrease.”

As I see it, now more than ever you need to create more content to break through the noise and engage with users in an authentic way. Since videos have only shown an increase in engagement, it is essential to create original video more frequently and more effectively. One way to do this is by publishing “value-based” content in order to give followers what they are looking for. That can be announcements or compelling emotional videos that are directed to their exact pain point. Another thing to consider when posting on Facebook is to ensure that you are speaking to followers as a friend, rather than harping on “salesy” language when sharing organically.

The goal of every Business Owner / Facebook Page manager must now be to build the relationships users are truly looking for from your brand and promote offerings that they want to see. The good news is, we’ve been developing video production expertise at Cape Antrim, so you’re halfway home to solving your content promotion dilemma.

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