What we do

We’re digital navigators. We help you choose the right online marketing solution. We make stunning websites that serve your customers’ needs and, if you like, we can teach you how to manage what we create, giving you total control of your online growth.


WEBSITE IN A WEEK – $1000 + $16 mo

This package includes everything you’re going to need to get a new website up and running. Website In A Week is delivered using a unique approach – we start with a great brainstorming session, then, you are provided video tutorials and downloadable worksheets that you work with to tell us about you, your business, your products or services, and your overall business personality. We guide you through writing your brand statements, through to registering and protecting your valuable domain asset. You provide input to guide us, on your schedule. The quicker your turnaround, the quicker your site is developed. Through your engagement in the process, we create your website using the right content, and in the right style for your target audience.

WEB PAGE IN A WEEK – $500 + $16 mo

If your business needs to focus on one singular product or service, or an upcoming event or even self-promotion, then a dedicated Web Page would you serve you well.  Your Web Page would work to highlight the features and benefits of your offer while providing visitors an additional item of value which could be an e-book download or a discount coupon for a future purchase. Your visitors will be encouraged to leave their email address in exchange for the value you provide, resulting in immediate growth for your email subscriber list. This package includes email marketing integration with MailChimp for the purpose of storing those captured emails and a branded newsletter for your future newsletter communication.


CUSTOM WEBSITE DESIGN – $2400 + $16 mo

If your business requires a more complex website – such as a logo, multiple pages, integrated email marketing, or some other special feature that will help you run your business online, then a customized package would serve you best. We take a consultative approach and work closely with you to define your brand, the on-point messaging and all the other bits we need to develop a website that is focused entirely on the needs of your customer.



We build online stores with Canadian e-commerce provider Shopify. We’ll set up your payment gateways, and structure your product catalog to promote your best products first. We even go a step further than our competitors by helping you develop processes to support online commerce, from the moment you get notification of an online sale, to what’s required to get the product into the hands of your customers.

POINT OF SALE – $350 + fees

Great solutions exist to process credit card payments using swipe technology. We can set you up with point-of-sale solutions to easily take credit card payments from your customers – from both your website or on-the-go with your smartphone.



Your brand is the unique essence of your overall business – it includes your logo, a colour theme, slogans – and all elements used to present yourself to the public and your customers. Defining your business brand is highly beneficial for your customers. They need to understand who you are, not just what services or products you sell. Clarifying your business identity will help your customers get to know you, and feel better about forming a working relationship with you.

We help business define the Vision Statement, the Value Proposition, and the Brand Positioning statements which are the building blocks for all successful businesses. We also provide custom logo design that truly reflects the personality of your business.